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Specialist Decontamination Cleaning Services

Safe, Comprehensive Decontamination & Coronavirus Cleaning Services in London & the South East

ISO & SSIP Accredited Staff

Kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria, reducing viral infection

PPE & Specialist Equipment Provided

Certified non-toxic virucidal solutions

Coronavirus Disinfection & Sanitisation

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand the need for fast, efficient and effective decontamination services. We have worked with businesses of all sizes to provide one-off and regular decontamination cleaning to keep workplaces and your staff safe from outbreaks. Our fast-acting bio-fogging process helps kill viruses on all surfaces and creates a protective film to keep surfaces clean for longer, so you can work in peace knowing your office or warehouse is safe.

We have worked in offices, warehouses, education environments and healthcare settings to provide a clean that meets all relevant health & safety standards. If you need one-off or regular decontamination cleaning, get in touch with Proactive Cleaners today to learn more.

Decontamination Cleaning for Specialist Jobs

Health and safety legislation requires every organisation to make sure their premises are safe for their staff, clients and customers. Whether you’re a college, community centre, care home or commercial business, this involves keeping properties clean as well as tidy. By using commercial disinfection services, you can reduce the risk of hazards that can cause accidents or injuries and exposure to germs, viruses, and microorganisms that can cause illness. 

At Proactive Cleaners, we lead the way in health and safety considerations, holding accreditations from every major health and safety organisation in the UK. We only use the most effective cleaning and disinfection solutions to provide a true disinfection service that can eliminate 99.99% of all germs, bacteria and viruses. 

As well as ongoing disinfection cleaning services, Proactive Cleaners can provide specific disinfection cleans in surgeries and medical practices. We have the skills and equipment to clean a property so it meets health and safety regulations and is safe for staff and customers.

Our Services include:

Coronavirus ( Covid-19) Disinfection & Sanitisation

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we provide a fast, comprehensive infection control service to help keep businesses and public spaces safe.

Kitchen, Washroom & Bin Room Cleaning

We have experienced industrial cleaners who can clean specialist kitchen equipment and a range of cleaning techniques perfect for ‘hard to clean’ areas like bin rooms and washrooms.

Flood Damage Cleaning

Flood damage poses structural issues as well as considerable health issues, as water can be contaminated. Failing to remove all water and properly decontaminate the area can leave behind mould or other contaminants.

Mould Decontamination

High levels of mould can cause respiratory problems, as well as other health challenges. We use rigorous cleaning and bio-fogging to fully cleanse areas and make them safe to work and live in again.

Hoarder & Squatter Cleaning

We provide tailored cleaning services for properties that aren’t well maintained, ensuring all large waste is removed, as well as decontaminating the space to clean everything thoroughly.

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    Where You Can Find Us

    Proactive Cleaners have carried out decontamination cleaning across the UK. We typically operate throughout London and the South East, including Surrey, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, but are available wherever you need us.

    We provide tailored, decontamination cleaning solutions that meet each organisation’s individual needs. In addition, we can ensure that properties meet health and safety regulations or clinical standards. Cleaning is carried out by a team of highly experienced and fully insured cleaners using state of the art equipment not otherwise available. This includes high-quality vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and detergents as well as hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA filtrations and microfiber cleaning cloths.

    We understand that decontaminating home and workplaces is more important than ever right now, which is why we aim to offer a fast-acting, affordable and individualised service so your property is safe and clean at all times.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do You Decontaminate the Area?

    We use BS EN 1276, EN 13697 and EN 14476 standards, certified non-toxic virucidal solutions. The bio-fogging process works best alongside a deep clean. This means all of the surfaces are fully clean so that the bio-fogging can form a residual layer of protection that can last for weeks.

    All of our bio-fogging technicians are fully trained in the procedure and wear full PPE throughout the process.

    Who Conducts Decontamination Cleaning?

    Our highly trained and experienced decontamination technicians complete the cleaning process. They wear full personal protective equipment including hazmat suits, glasses and masks. Furthermore, they follow strict decontamination, sanitisation and bio-fogging cleaning processes.

    Does My Premises Need Decontamination Cleaning?

    In the wake of virus outbreaks, businesses and premises need to keep functioning and take every precaution to protect the public. Decontamination cleaning helps to provide peace of mind that your premises are safe to use.

    How Effective Is Your Cleaning Process?

    We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and the most effective cleaning products to deliver the best results. All of the cleaning chemicals we use are fully certified by British Standards and lab-tested to destroy 99.99% of surface pathogens.

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