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As a business owner, we understand that you’re busy, so while you are doing what you do best, how about letting us take care of your cleaning regime?

Maintaining cleanliness for retail businesses and spaces can be an extremely difficult and exhausting job for both floor workers and managers running the business at the same time. However, with Proactive Cleaner’s retail cleaning services, you can be sure that our cleaning process will leave your retail area both clean, safe, and enjoyable to shop in.

To understand the extent of your cleaning needs, our dedicated Operations Manager will discuss with you your exact requirements for a more tailored cleaning experience. After the discussion, we will then conduct a site survey to understand the scope of work, which will be key to delivering the personalised cleaning requirements we promise to deliver.

We Offer Affordable & Effective Retail Store Cleaning Services

Our retail cleaners are equipped to provide the best cleaning services for all retail and showroom spaces across the UK. With the dedication and confidence that our team holds for all cleaning services provided by Proactive Cleaners, we can offer both affordable and effective retail cleaning services for you. A clean and sanitised environment shows that you and your staff pay careful attention to the finer details of your business, and the care you put into cleanliness will always provide a positive shopping experience for customers.

Why Choose Proactive Cleaners For Your Retail Cleaning Services

As a retail business owner, it is important to make the experience in your shop memorable for customers and our cleaning services consistently receive praise from a multitude of satisfied clients. We hold certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 accreditations, and we are proud to offer a diverse set of cleaning services that are designed to cater to the unique needs of our clients. From comprehensive retail cleaning solutions to specialised services for various industries, we prioritise providing excellent cleaning services catered to your establishment.

High-Level Cleaning

Cleaning of high level out of reach areas is our specialty, and we have all the necessary training and equipment required to do the job. Additionally, we are PASMA and IPAF certified to carry out high-level cleaning and work within confined spaces. If you require high-level cleaning in areas such as lighting, metal beams/frames or structures, cable trays, ducting or glass, you can be assured that our retail cleaners can carry out a thorough cleaning of those hard-to-reach areas.

Shop Window Cleaning

We are qualified to offer window cleaning services and work at a height so that no matter how complex your cleaning needs, you only need to get in touch with Proactive Cleaners.

Shop Floor Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Shop floor cleaning is essential to maintaining a safe and clean shopping environment. From dusting, polishing and mopping hard floors to deep cleaning carpets and upholstery – our experienced retail cleaners are equipped to deliver the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene for you and your customers. 

Shelving and Product Cleaning

Our experienced team of retail cleaners is equipped to deliver the highest level of cleanliness for shelves, racks, and products quickly and efficiently. We use a range of specialist products to ensure the highest standard of hygiene in all areas.

Facilities Clean

Ensure that your bathrooms and other facilities are consistently left clean and tidy for your staff and visitors. Our retail cleaners use techniques that are designed to remove all germs and bacteria, leaving no stone unturned.

Shared Area Cleaning

Shared and high-traffic areas can accumulate dirt and bacteria, which is why our cleaners use specialised cleaning techniques and chemicals to ensure that no matter the location, shared areas are always left clean. We conduct door cleaning, touchpoint cleaning, fixture cleaning, and kitchen cleaning to ensure that your space is left clean and sanitised.

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    Retail Cleaning in London and the South East

    Proactive Cleaners works across London and the South East to provide retail and leisure cleaning services. We have regular cleaning contracts with gyms, hotels and restaurants and are often instructed to carry out one-off business cleaning services in Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire.

    If you are situated outside of these locations but are interested in our services, get in touch and we can discuss providing you with regular cleaning services for your retail, leisure, or hospitality business. We work with a number of franchises so if you have businesses across the country, we can also deliver cleaning services to as many locations as you need.

    Our retail cleaning services are tailored to your needs and our cleaning specialists can clean just about anything. When you get in touch with Proactive Cleaners, you can be confident that we will be able to help out your business and provide a comprehensive clean that will only include what you need. 

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    Retail Cleaning FAQs

    What is retail cleaning?

    Retail cleaning is the process of regularly cleaning and maintaining the interior of a retail space in order to keep it looking neat, tidy, and inviting to customers. This includes general dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and window cleaning, as well as specific tasks such as sanitising hard surfaces or polishing metal fixtures. Retail cleaners are also responsible for removing any debris or waste that accumulates during the day.

    How often should retail spaces be cleaned?

    How often you need to clean your store depends on many things, such as how big and what kind of business it is, how many customers come in, and what you do in the store. Most stores need to be cleaned every day to look good. But some stores may need to be cleaned more often due to their larger size or engagement in a distinct type of business.

    Do you carry out high-level cleaning?

    Yes, we do. We are PASMA and IPAF certified to carry out high-level cleaning and work within confined spaces and we understand that every business needs to maintain high standards of cleanliness so we specialise in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This can include high-level lighting, high structures, ceiling beams, ducting or glass to ensure that you provide a positive experience for shoppers and staff.

    Can you provide specific retail cleaning services?

    Yes, we can provide a range of specific retail cleaning services. Our retail cleaning contractors can carry out tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, window cleaning, sanitising hard surfaces, and polishing metal fixtures. We also offer deep cleaning for more intensive tasks that need to be performed. We are happy to discuss your cleaning requirements.

    What do commercial cleaning services include?

    Our professional commercial cleaning service encompasses routine and general cleaning of key features within a retail store, including tiles, internal walls, lighting, furniture, and more. We take pride in not only spotlighting these cleaning services at Proactive Cleaners but also having the flexibility to add more based on your specific needs!

    How do you clean a large shop?

    Cleaning a large retail shop can be an exhausting task, and the proximity of its size can lengthen the process entirely. To effectively clean a large retail space, you must ensure that you have industrialised equipment ready for use, as well as bulk orders or larger sizes of disinfectant. For more information or questions regarding retail cleaning services, call us now!

    How do you deep clean a retail store?

    For us to clean a retail store, we would look into de-cluttering your store first, followed by heavy sterilisation through disinfectant and all types of cleaning equipment, and ending the cleaning process with sparkling glass and mirrors, as well as polishing floors if applicable. Of course, every cleaning need is different for every retail business. So if you have any concerns regarding our retail cleaning service, call us today!

    Do you service independent shops?

    Whatever business you have, big or small, we are here for you. Our retail cleaning expertise is not limited to major corporate retailers but also extends to independent shops. We have extensive knowledge and experience in servicing independent stores and taking the burden of cleaning off you, so contact us today if you have any specific retail cleaning requests. We can service boutique stores, convenience stores, bookshops, department stores, luxury retail stores and more.

    Do you carry out retail store cleaning during customer opening times?

    The decision is entirely yours. We offer adaptable cleaning schedules customised to your requirements, whether it be during or after business hours. Our experienced retail cleaners are not only swift and effective but also highly skilled, ensuring a pristine look for your store in record time. Utilising high-quality products and exceptionally efficient cleaning methods, we guarantee the best possible results.

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