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Effective Trauma Cleaning Services in the UK

Ideal Cleaning Services For Crime Scenes And Trauma Management

Emergency Biohazard Cleaning Available

RAMS & COSHH Compliant

Fast, Effective Cleaning & Decontamination 

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Our trauma cleaning services provide professional cleaning options for distressing and difficult situations around crime scenes and trauma situations. Following a traumatic incident or a crime scene, our cleaners are trained to handle any type of trauma cleaning as soon as the scene is available for a cleanup regulated by the emergency services and police. 

Equipped with the necessary equipment and the right training to handle sensitive situations, our trauma cleaning services in the UK are available for efficient cleaning options.

Our Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaning Service

At Proactive Cleaners, we understand that these situations can be an unpredictably distressing moment for all parties involved, and as a cleaning company, we ensure that the area is cleaned thoroughly to avoid any further damage to the structure and emotional damage from members involved in the scene. 

Our team is available throughout the week in delivering a fast, emphatic response with minimal disruption.

Why Choose Our Services For Trauma Cleaning?

Proactive Cleaners understands the importance of sensitivity when it comes to traumatic incidents that happen nationwide. Your decision of choosing Proactive Cleaners will provide you with:

Professional Trauma Cleaning

Our team will be fast, efficient, and empathetic of the situation while the cleaning progress is undergoing. We understand that situations such as crime scenes or road accidents can be a traumatic experience which is why we ensure that our team is helpful in every way possible during the cleaning process.

Swift Disinfection and Cleaning Service

Our highly trained team will be using specialist decontamination products to dispose of biohazards and areas tainted with bacteria or viruses, helping us minimize the risk of infection.

Specialist Disinfection Professionals

With flexible timings, consistent attention to detail and experience within the industry, our specialist disinfection expert cleaners are ideal for confidently handling a trauma cleaning project.

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    Our Biohazard Cleaning Process


    Apply Disinfection Mist using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) machine. Property must remain empty for approx... 3hrs. Eliminates approx. 99% bacteria

    Waste Removal

    Separate waste for the correct disposal. Bio-hazard waste safely removed and disposed through a licenced facility

    Disinfect & Clean

    Fully Trained Teams & Supervisors. Personal Protective Equipment to suit the specific task. Professional Clean carried to all areas, including walls & ceilings where required

    Deodorise the Area

    Fully Trained Teams & Supervisors. Personal Protective Equipment to suit the specific task. Professional Clean carried to all areas, including walls & ceilings where required


    Inspection carried out on completion of works. Site test to ensure no remaining biohazard materials. Certificate issued on request

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    Where You Can Find Us

    The team at Proactive Cleaners are highly qualified and experienced at delivering fast, effective biohazard cleaning. We have carried out hazardous waste disposal and disinfection across London and the South East.

    We offer emergency vehicle cleaning, medical practice cleaning and deep cleaning where biohazard disposal is required quickly. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians are available across the South East, including Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Maidenhead, Wokingham and Reading.

    When you contact us to arrange a cleanup, we will ask several questions over the phone. We ask these questions for two reasons: to determine the materials that our team will need, as well as giving us the necessary information to provide you with an estimate of the cost. We will then send a team to the site as soon as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you use for crime scene cleaning?

    Due to the consistent activity for sanitisation in the crime scene and trauma cleaning, we use plenty of bleach-based products to thoroughly clean and sanitize the environment where the crime scene took place. We also use solvents to re-liquefy any dried blood, while also disinfecting it.

    What do you do for your trauma cleaning services?

    The job of our trauma cleaning team is to effectively clean and sanitize the area of a crime scene, where a violent crime scene has taken place. This is typically conducted once all appropriate evidence has been collected from the crime scene. Once the collection is done, we will then be clear to sanitize the area and clean up all body fluids.

    How much does it cost for trauma cleaning?

    The price will depend entirely on the extent of the crime scene and the severity present on the scene. If you want a more accurate pricing range for a trauma cleaning service, contact us today!

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