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Our hospitality cleaning team are trained to clean any venue and building. In accordance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we will always maintain a strict hygiene standard in order to prevent diseases and other forms of bacteria to build up inside your venue or kitchen area. 

Our experienced cleaners are fully insured and qualified to use specialist cleaning equipment to carefully clean, disinfect and polish up all hospitality venues around the UK. At Proactive Cleaners, we work with a variety of buildings and properties across Central and South East London, providing top-quality hospitality cleaning services within those specified areas.

Deep-Cleaned Hospitality Venues

We are dedicated to bringing all hospitality businesses, whether you may be a restaurant or a venue, the best possible hospitality cleaning service available in the UK.

Whether you want a simple carpet cleaning option or require a whole host of cleaning services for your hospitality needs, Proactive Cleaners has the right options for you.

Why choose our services for hospitality cleaning?

Whether you need to disinfect the spacious flooring of your hospitality venue or disinfect carpets, our hospitality cleaning services will be the optimum choice for your venue. 

Some of the benefits that come with hiring Proactive Cleaners include:

Professional and Approachable Cleaning Team

Whether you’re looking for a short term or long term cleaning contract with Proactive Cleaners, you can rest assured that all manner of services will be delivered with quality in mind. Our professional cleaning team, as well as our administrative staff and customer support line, are more than happy to answer any questions or worries you may have regarding our hospitality services.

Swift Cleaning Process

If you require a service that’s fast-acting, yet effective throughout its process, Proactive Cleaners is the right choice. With expert cleaning staff ready to tackle any cleaning task for hospitality venues, Proactive Cleaners can provide the right team for you.

Reliable Services

With maintained and fully trained staff, technologically advanced equipment and high-quality cleaning products, you can be sure to rely on Proactive Cleaners for all of your cleaning needs. 

Decontamination & Sanitation Cleaning

If you need decontamination cleaning for your hospitality space, we use bio-fogging to ensure complete sanitisation. This creates a mist that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and offers lasting protection on surfaces.

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    Where You Can Find Us

    Proactive Cleaners work across London and the South East to provide retail and leisure cleaning services. We have regular contracts with gyms, hotels and restaurants and are often instructed to carry out one-off professional cleans in Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. 

    If you’re outside of the South East but are interested in our services, get in touch and we can arrange to provide you with cleaning services for your retail, leisure or hospitality business. We work with a number of franchises so if you have businesses across the country, we can also deliver cleaning services for as many locations as you need.

    Our retail cleaning services are tailored to your needs and our cleaning specialists can clean just about anything. When you get in touch with Proactive Cleaners, you can be confident that we will be able to help out your business and provide a comprehensive clean that will only include what you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to clean a restaurant?

    On average, cleaning a restaurant can cost anywhere between £75 per hour on average. These are simply the average pricing and does not include the additional services that Proactive Cleaners can happily provide for all restaurant chains and businesses across the UK.

    How long should it take to clean a hospitality venue?

    This will depend on what type of venue you want cleaned. On average, a hotel venue will look into getting their main lobby cleaned for 4 to 5 hours, with each individual rooms lasting around 20 to 30 minutes. If you want a more thorough and accurate outline of the costs for cleaning your hospitality venue, contact us!

    How much does it cost to clean a hotel room?

    Cleaning a hotel room can be an inexpensive investment depending on the size of the room, the number of rooms in a specific hotel building, and much more. In general, hotels spend around £10 per room to get them cleaned properly, however, the additional services for hospitality cleaning that Proactive Cleaners provide can deliver a different price overall. For more information contact us!

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